What is MMECD?

Any child’s early years are crucial for growth and development. The Maria Montessori’s Early Childhood Development (MMECD) is a module which aims to induce a Well Balanced Brain Development and a World-Class Learning in the students through an advanced curriculum. We firmly believe in bestowing our students a World-Class learning experience through an advanced curriculum covering topics under both Indian and Global Levels.  The sessions are delivered through an innovative methodology of Practical Exercises and hands on Experimentations.

” MMECD’s Programmes offer Unique Edutainment Programmes for Kids of Classes PLAY GROUP to STD. II “


The Maria Montessori

  • Develop Love for Learning in Kids.
  • Provide a global level learning to Kids.
  • Create interest and inclination of Kids in everyday studies.
  • Make the studies interesting and enjoyable for the Kids.
  • Enable the Kids to apply knowledge in real life situations.
  • Provide competitive exposure to Kids in an appropriate way.
  • Ensure a deeper understanding & larger memory retention of the learnt topics.
  • Make the Kids a life long learners by increasing the receptiveness of brain.
  • Build right foundation of studies through right methods at the right time.


The Maria Montessori

  • Well balanced brain development
  • Well informed & well formed mind
  • Creates Interest in Learning & Studies
  • Global Level Learning & Competitive Exposure
  • Greater depth and breadth of subject knowledge
  • Strong and versatile foundation for future learning
  • Ability to understand, show and use how different aspects of knowledge link together
  • Higher order thinking skills within subject disciplines like problem solving, critical thinking, independent research, collaboration, presenting arguments
  • Adaptability and ease towards school exams and competitive Olympiads like NSO, IMO, NSTSE, ASSET, Cambridge PYP Check Point Exams, John Hopkins SCAT etc.