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Myths v/s Facts


Child is too young to Learn.


Early Childhood is the Best, Easiest & Most Effective time of Learning.

Learning efforts is minimum & learning outcome is maximum in early childhood from birth to 11 Years.
∴ The best time to Build A Strong Foundation in childhood is their early childhood.


Child will get Burdened


The younger the age of exposure, the Easier & More Successful is the Learning.

A child’s brain is 21 times more active than an adult brain.


Child will make Mistakes


Mistakes help in Brain Development

Brain works on a simple fundamental –  either we use brain or we lose our brain.
Making mistakes keeps the brain cells working we use our brain so we don’t tend to lose our brain.


Paper-Pen approach is enough to develop Brain


Knowledge Retention is directly proportional to Brain Development

Facts about knowledge retention & brain development :
We tent to remember
  • 10% about what we READ & WRITE.
  • 20% of what we HEAR.
  • 30% of what we SEEN.
  • 50% of what we both SEE & HEAR.
  • 70% of what we actively discuss with others.
  • 80% what we EXPERIENCE personally.
  • 95% of what we TEACH to others.

Our Uniqueness

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Transport Facility

Music & Dance

Medical Care

Play Swings

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Karate & Yoga

Digital Classroom

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CCTV & Fire Safety

Student Teacher Ratio 10:1

We at MMECD understand that
We believe in building strong Children by giving them
World Class Exposure
Overall & Well Balanced Brain Development
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